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PostHeaderIcon LWJ01. 02. 03. Mounts for chains, belts, etc.

Decorative elements that can have various usage:

  • can be attached as decoration to the clothes;
  • can be attached as decoration to the horse harness;
  • can be used as parts of chain (please check example below - also from early XV c. manuscript of Duc De Berry)
  • can be used as belt parts/decorations (last photo below).


LWJ01 - 30mm wide, 53mm long

LWJ02 - 24mm wide, 52mm long

LWJ03 - 16mm wide, 38mm long

Prices (brass version):

LWJ01 - 3.40EUR

LWJ02 - 3.40EUR

LWJ03 - 1.35EUR

LWJ01. 02. 03 LWJ01. 02. 03 LWJ01. 02. 03 LWJ01. 02. 03


PostHeaderIcon LWJ04. Decorative leaf

Decorative leaf that can be attached to clothes, horse harness etc. As example below you can see photo of Myriam Gateault from Diu Minnezit in her dress decorated with leafs from Bractea.

Dimensions: 16mm wide, 40mm long

Price (brass version): 1.65EUR



PostHeaderIcon LWJ05. Lion shape clasp

Decorative clasp in shape of two lions holding fleur-de-lis.

First prototype was created on request of Myriam Gateault from Diu Minnezit (we hope to see dress with that clasps some day ;) ).

Dimensions: information will be available soon

Price: 40EUR for gilded brass



PostHeaderIconLWJ06. Decorative clasp

Decorative clasp is made , with picture 'Portrait of a Woman of the Hofer Family', around 1470 by an unknown artist from the Swabian.


Price: 40 € for gilded brass