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Medieval iconography and archaeological excavations bring us a lot of information about jewellery and other decorative elements used in the Middle Ages. Goldsmiths craft stayed on the very high level – there are known examples of extremely rich and expensive jewellery. But of course more common clothes of daily use where decorated by jewellery, buckles, buttons, mounts and other elements – sometimes their role was not only decorative (like by the points in the agilets ).

Metal parts shown in this category can be done in about three months (if there are no ready at the moment). You can also order your own castings. Just contact with us, send drawings of what you need. Waiting time will be probably a bit longer in such case, but it depends on specific design. Items can be done in brass, silvered brass, bronze, silver, gilded silver. The prices are for cheapest, brass version.

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Lost-wax casts

Lost-wax casts