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PostHeaderIcon Lost-wax equipment

PostHeaderIcon LWE01. Lion head plaque

A plaque that can be used as weapon chains attachment for 14th coat-of-plates armour or as decoration/attachment point role in various circumstances (below you can see it as a part of tent replica).

Dimensions: diameter is 68mm

Price: 39EUR



PostHeaderIcon LWE02. Staple (vervelle)

Decorative staple (so called 'vervelle') for bascinet's aventail anchorage.


  • 12mm long;
  • 10 mm heigh;
  • 6 mm wide;
  • hole diameter 3.8 mm;
  • pins diameter 2.8 mm.

Price: 3.10EUR



PostHeaderIcon LWE03. Candlestick

A brass made, very decorative candlestick for use in tent. It is secured to the ten pole by leather straps. It can be also done in 'standalone' version or with other type of fastening (e.g. for wall).

Price: 145EUR



PostHeaderIcon LWE04. Oil lamp

Oil lamp in form for hanging, with four places for wicks. Made of brass, this lamp is a copy of similar lamp from National Museum in Kopenhagen (see last photo below).

Price: 90EUR