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Belt was a necessary part of middle ages era clothing. There where not many situations when man in these times could be seen without belt and it was almost always extraordinary. So when you are thinking about medieval clothes, you also must remember about a belt – here is the place which can help with deciding it.

The variety of belts, buckles, endings, eyelets is really huge in preserved examples and iconography. Products in this category show only a small part of samples in this scope. There is always possibility to order something new on the base of iconography or archaeological finds. Of course you can order only metal elements to make the belt yourself or upgrade already possessed belt - in such a case please check Lost-wax moulded elements category.

PostHeaderIcon B01.Belts with silver, gilded buckles and endings, XV century.

An example of expansive belt. Buckle and ending are gilded elements from silver decorated with pearls. These parts can be made in wider version for women (e.g. belt to the houppelande) and narrower for a man's belt.

Belts with silver B01 B01




PostHeaderIcon B02. Belt with brass elements XIV – XV century

Leather belt with brass decorative elements.

Price: 65EUR



PostHeaderIcon B03. Belt with silver elements XIV – XV century

Leather belt with silver decoration elements. Though buckle, ending and flowers shown on the photos below are made of silver, they can be also done in cheaper, brass version.

Price: 80 EUR with brass, 145 EUR with silver metal elements

B03 B03


PostHeaderIcon B04. Women’s belt

Highly decorative belt with brass elements. Leather has engraved patterns. Metal parts have decorative engraving and holes with coloured leather below. This can be also done with silver, silvered brass or gilded silver decorations.

Price: 180 EUR

Women belt B04 Women belt B04 Women belt B04 Women belt B04


PostHeaderIcon B05. Belt with brass and silvered brass elements

Leather belt with brass buckle, ending and flower shape mounts. Leather with decorative engraving, metal elements are silvered.

Price: 145 EUR