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In this place you can find offer of swords, daggers and protective armour elements.

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Sword is the kind of weapon which is immediately connected with Middle Ages by most people. The sword played a symbolic role in this period but of course sword was used long before and long after this time. In the Middle Ages sword was the personification of the role of its owner in the feudal society. It was a strong symbol and it was even more important than military role of the sword - we must know, that sword was not the main weapon of the battlefield in the Middle Ages. Below you can see the examples of swords details and equipment connected with this noble weapon. The hardness of blades is about 50 HRC.


Dagger is a short weapon that in the age of chivalry is often seen as a support for sword in the case of full armoured combatant. But it also can be seen in contemporary sources as the only weapon (and the tool in the case of need) attached to the belt of civilians.
There is a variety of possible reconstructions, starting form highly decorated, elegant weapon and ending with almost daily use tools. The examples below shows that grips can be done from wood, horn or even metal. Scabbards can be done as rich wooden ones with leather coverage and decorative metal parts or as simple models only from leather (also wax hardened).


Knife from centuries appear in two roles: as daily use tool and as a weapon. It is useful tool in kitchen and/or camp works, longer versions were also used during the fight. In the latter role knife developement bring to appearance specialized combat weapons like early mediaeval 'sax' knife or their much later successors in the type of so called 'langmesser'. A question arises: where is the border between knife (especially in long, combat version) and falchion or dagger? On this website the classification is a type of grip - all things with grip made in the way typical for a knife will be displayed here. Of course there are single bladed weapons (like some type of falchions, many ballock daggers) with sword/dagger type of grip and guard - they can be found in appropriate sections (please check Arms & Armour menu).