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PostHeaderIcon D01. Ballock dagger

An example of well known type of dagger which is often represented in illustration, sculptures and archaeological finds - from the 14th century (in Poland e.g. on the gravestone of king Casimir III, the Great) to the late 15th century. Wooden grip is made of rare black oak and decorated with silver parts. Reconstruction was made on the base of Mérode Altarpiece by Flemish master Robert Campain (circa 1425, now in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York). Last two pictures shows the whole reconstruction set (the purse BG01, belt and dagger) and altarpiece detail.

The weight of dagger alone is 290g. Scabbard with knives 200g.

Dimensions: dagger's blade is 245mm long (grip - 135mm).

Price: 435EUR



D01 with BG01Mérode Altarpiece by Robert Campain


PostHeaderIcon D02. Dagger, 14th century

A weapon with one sharp edged blade, which grip is made of brass with etched pattern, sliver elements and inscription. The scabbard made of wood, covered with leather and pointed by brass ferrule. The additional tool included – the whetstone. Reconstruction made on the base of original dagger from 14th century shown in the book "Europäische Hieb- und Stichwaffen" (H. Müller, H. Kökling).

The weight of dagger alone is 550g. Scabbard weight is 250g.

Dimensions: dagger's blade is 240mm long (grip - 120mm).

Price: 330EUR


D02D02D02D02D02D02Original 14th cent. dagger


PostHeaderIcon D03. Basilard dagger, 14th century

This steel dagger presents the type which was very popular in the 14th century and is often visible in contemporary iconographical sources. Wooden grip parts are riveted together with the steel frame (which is one steel piece with the blade).

Price: 200 EUR

D03D03D03D04Strasbourg 1348


PostHeaderIcon D04. Small basilard dagger

Whole steel, small but very robust dagger intended to be a support to the sword (in second photo shown in the sword's scabbard).

Price: 90EUR



PostHeaderIcon D05. Late 15th century dagger

Very decorative dagger of Burgundian origin, late 15th c. Pictures below show version with silver parts (scabbard metal parts, dagger's and knife's elements of grips and lace points are made of silver).

Price: 560EUR for version with silver, 450EUR for version with brass parts