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Trough the centuries the shield was the main defending armament for generations of warriors. This is why there where so many types of shields in use. The shape and dimensions where always strongly connected with the role of the particular shield type. This is shown on the examples below. We can prepare fully finished (even painted) shield for you, but you also can order wooden frame, a base for your self-finished shield. Usually prices in examples below are for finished but not painted shield.

PostHeaderIcon SH01. Joust shield

This is a quite small shield of type which was used by mounted knights in the late Middle Ages. Made of thick wood, covered by leather (front and back parts are stitched together). Front is also reinforced by the inner layer of the thick, hard leather. This shield has an extra, soft padding on the back side, leather parts are sewed together.

Price: 300EUR, 200EUR in version without padding



PostHeaderIcon SH02. Joust shield

Second example of small shield for mounted knight in offer, it have another shape in comparison to SH01. This shield is also made of thick wood, covered by leather.

Note: the painting in last photo below were done by the owner, it is not included in the price.

Parameters: thickness - from 25mm to 60mm in the middle, sizes - 40cm heigh, 38cm width.

Price: 300EUR, 200EUR in version without padding, 100EUR for wooden frame alone



PostHeaderIcon SH03. 'Standard' big pavise

Pavise covered with linen. Equiped with leather, 'X-twisted' grip and buckled carrying belt. Material: pine plywood.

Size: up to 125x65cm, 12mm thick.

Price: 220EUR



PostHeaderIcon SH04. Pavise for crossbowman / handgunner

A shield designed to be used by the crossbowman or handgunner. It has supporting prop which allow shield to stand firmly without holding by the user.

Size: up to 125x65cm

Price: 330EUR



PostHeaderIcon SH05. Buckler

The type of small metal shield used in combat on foot. Buckler appears in illustrations from XIV and XV centuries, the style of fight with buckler is described in fencing manuscripts.

Price: 60EUR (120EUR for hardened steel version)


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