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Trough the centuries the shield was the main defending armament for generations of warriors. This is why there where so many types of shields in use. The shape and dimensions where always strongly connected with the role of the particular shield type. This is shown on the examples below. We can prepare fully finished (even painted) shield for you, but you also can order wooden frame, a base for your self-finished shield. Usually prices in examples below are for finished but not painted shield.

PostHeaderIcon SH06. Simple big pavise

Pavise shield is often described as large shield of infantry. This is true in the case of this example, however this is still a shield alllow to hand-fight with it (you can find bigger and heavier in this offer).

Note: this is the biggest shield in the photos below.

Size: up to 105x52cm, 12-16mm thick.

Price: 220EUR



PostHeaderIcon SH07. Medium pavise

Pavise shield that can be used both as cover for foot soldier and also for mounted knight (this type of shield was often used in Teutonic Order, Lithuania, northern and east parts of Poland in that role).

Size: up to 82x45cm.

Price: 135EUR



PostHeaderIcon SH08. Small pavise

A smallest pavise in offer. Can be used both by foot soliders and mounted combatants.

Size: up to 35x40cm.

Price: 60EUR



PostHeaderIcon SH09. Big pavise

Fine finished big pavise for foot soldier or shooter.

Note: painting is not included in the price.

Size: up to 125x65cm.

Price: 290EUR



PostHeaderIcon SH10. Big triangular shield

A big shield in shape that was typical for 10th to 13th century. These shields were booth in use by foot soldiers and by mounted knights.

The shape of top part can varry - it can be ordered more semi-circular (so called 'norman' type of shield) or flattened (introduced later than semi-circular version).

Note: painting is not included in the price.

Size: up to 125x65cm.


finished: price will be available soon

woode frame: up to 80x55cm, made of plywood, 12mm thick - 40EUR

woode frame: up to 120x60cm, made of plywood, 12mm thick - 60EUR