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PostHeaderIcon S01. Sword slt with copper elements

Full set of sword and its outfit – scabbard and belt. All made in highly decorative way with copper mounts and buckles. Belt decorated with etched pattern. Sword is a replica of original preserved in The Military Museum of Wielkopolska in Poznan (Poland).

Parameters: length 115cm, weight 1550g

Price: 790EUR for set, 400EUR for sword alone



PostHeaderIcon S02. Late 15th c. sword with scabbard

Long sword with scabbard. Pommel and cross-guard are inspired by (probably) German sword from Royal Armouries collection (object IX.949), type XVIII in Oakeshott's typology. However blade in sword shown here is more in XVIIIa style. Wooden scabbard is covered by the layer red leather (the same as on sword's grip) and have decorative chape at the end.

Price: 400EUR



PostHeaderIcon S03. The late 15th c. sword set replica

Long sword set with scabbard, knife and pricker. Sword of type XIIIa, based on origin from Boden See in Switzerland (now in Schweiz Landesmuseums Zuerich, last photo below). The knife and procker grips are made of bone. Wooden scabbard is covered by the layer of linen and brown leather (the same leather is used on the sword grip). Please check also the owner review(in German).

Parameters: length - 133cm (101cm of blade), weight 1460g.

Price: 605EUR for whole set



PostHeaderIcon S04. Falchion, middle of 14th c.

The replica based on information about Thorpe falchion from Norwich. Sharp (but not especially sharpened) blade results in weight very close to the original (that is strongly rusted and now has 904g). Falchion has wooden, leather covered grip. Scabbard is also wooden and leather covered, as you can see on the photos - it has also a layer of protective (lubrication) fur layer inside.

Parameters: weight - 1020g, length - about 96cm (blade 80cm), guard width - about 20cm, grip length - about 10cm.

Price: 660EUR



PostHeaderIcon S05. Cutlass with additional knife

A set of the cutlass and knife. Decorative finishing of the cutlass with zoomorphic pommel. Grips inlayed with bone.

Price: 365EUR



PostHeaderIcon S06. Single-hand sword, 14th c.

The replica of single-hand sword based on tombstone of Johann von Branscheit placed in Stifskirche church in Kyllburg (Germany, last photo below).

Price: information will be available soon




PostHeaderIcon S07. Langemesser, 15th c.

The replica of so called langmesser based on archeological find from Konin, Poland.

Price: information will be available soon