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Belt was a necessary part of middle ages era clothing. There where not many situations when man in these times could be seen without belt and it was almost always extraordinary. So when you are thinking about medieval clothes, you also must remember about a belt – here is the place which can help with deciding it.

The variety of belts, buckles, endings, eyelets is really huge in preserved examples and iconography. Products in this category show only a small part of samples in this scope. There is always possibility to order something new on the base of iconography or archaeological finds. Of course you can order only metal elements to make the belt yourself or upgrade already possessed belt - in such a case please check Lost-wax moulded elements category.

PostHeaderIcon B16. Knight's belt

Third belt replica (after B14 and B15) that is based on sculptures from fountain in Nürnberg.

Done in brass, is 80mm wide and closed with big (110m) lock. Custom decoration in this case are letters on plaques that making Latin sentece "OLEO ERGO SUM".

Price: 550EUR for each 1 meter of belt length

B16 Knight's belt B16 Knight's belt B13 and B16 belts Sculpture in Nurnberg Sculpture in Bode-Museum Berlin, 1390


PostHeaderIcon B17. Knight's belt

The belt is reconstructed with the monument , Lodewijk van Lichtervelde, lord of Koolskamp, councillor to the count of Flanders; Lodewijk van Male. He died 10 August 1375.
The monument is in the Sint-Martinuskerk, Koolskamp (West Flanders).

Price: 600 € for each 1 meter of the belt length

B17_original B_17-B_17 B_17_ B_17__n

PostHeaderIcon B18. Knight's belt

The belt is reconstructed with the monument Johannes and Gerard van Heers (1393) in Brussels.

Inside the belt is made of thick leather and covered silk velvet.

Price: 600 € for each 1 meter of belt length

B18 Knight's belt B18 Knight's belt B_18