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PostHeaderIcon Lost-wax aiglets (points, lace chapes, tips)

Aiglets are decorative points called also lace chapes (lace tips, aiglets) – the necessary element of late medieval clothes. You can choose from dozen of types. Usually chapes are made in brass, but can be bronze, silver, gilded brass or gilded silver.

Prices: there is flat price rate for all types

brass version -1.65EUR for one piece with two sewing holes (small holes done by the edge of point - check photos below) or 1.40EUR for version without these holes

PostHeaderIcon LWA01. Lace chape

LWA01 to LWA04LWA01

PostHeaderIcon LWA02. Lace chape

LWA01 to LWA04LWA02

PostHeaderIcon LWA03. Lace chape

LWA01 to 04

PostHeaderIcon LWA04. Lace chape

LWA01 to 04LWA04

PostHeaderIcon LWA05. Lace chape

LWA05 to LWA08