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A purse or pouch is an basic element of medieval clothing. This element played the role which is today reserved for our pockets (or again women’s handbags) so it is a necessary part of medieval clothing reconstruction. There is wide spectrum of purses, pouches or bags in medieval iconography and archaeological finds or preserved originals. Below you can find examples of reconstructions done by Bractea. You can also order something custom that will be made on the base of your design or example from iconography you will show us.

PostHeaderIcon BG02. Silk purse with silver metal work

Very decorative, late XV century purse made of silk, with silver metal work.

Price: A set of gilded brass- 370€

Purse- 230€, belt- 140€

A set casts in the brass- 230 €

Purse- 140€ , belt- 90€

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