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A purse or pouch is an basic element of medieval clothing. This element played the role which is today reserved for our pockets (or again women’s handbags) so it is a necessary part of medieval clothing reconstruction. There is wide spectrum of purses, pouches or bags in medieval iconography and archaeological finds or preserved originals. Below you can find examples of reconstructions done by Bractea. You can also order something custom that will be made on the base of your design or example from iconography you will show us.

PostHeaderIcon BG07. Purse with two additional pouches

Leather purse equiped in two additional pouches under main flap. They are closed by laces. Closed by the strap with brass buckle, pouche's laces have brass points at ends.

Price: 65EUR



PostHeaderIcon BG08. Purse with brass elements

Leather purse with decorative brass mounts. Closed by the strap with brass buckle and ending.

Price: 65EUR



PostHeaderIcon BG09. Big shoulder bag

A big, leather shoulder bag. Can be also used as backpack (please check the second photo).

Price: 90EUR



PostHeaderIcon BG10. Purse with silver parts

Leather purse with decorative silver mounts. Attached to the belts by two specific straps fitted with silver buckles end endings. Big "T" shape silver mount is decorating a flap. This reconstruction is basing on iconography from 14th century manuscript 'Romance of Alexander'.

Price: 100EUR



PostHeaderIcon BG11. Big shoulder bag

A big, leather shoulder bag.

Price: 150EUR